Local Businesses

Yolo County

Yolo County is one of the leading agricultural areas in The United States and is home to many of the top agricultural research centers and businesses in the country. The Aggie Inn is perfect for our corporate business travelers with its close proximity to multiple business and research centers. The hotel is within ten minutes driving distance to Woodland, Dixon, Winters, and West Sacramento, CA.

Local Businesses

Arcadia Biosciences                                                     2.2 miles away

Alforex/Cal West Seeds                                               8.7 miles away 

Bayer CropScience - Biologics                                   12.2 miles away 

DMG Mori USA                                                             2.5 miles away

Dupont Pioneer Hi-Bred International                     12 miles away

SchillingRobotics - FMC Technologies                       2.3 miles away

HM Clause                                                                     2.3 miles away

Marrone Bio Innovations                                            1.1 miles away

Monsanto                                                                      1.3 miles away

Novozymes                                                                   1.2 miles away

Syngenta                                                                       9.2 miles away

UC Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources 1.9 miles away 

United States Department of Agricultural               0.6 miles away